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In the context of this website, you are anonymous. No one will ever know your name, email address, or any information that can identify you. We take security precautions to keep our site safe and private for users. Our pages are equipped with Ultimate or Full Domain Privacy & Protection software services. If you see a message in your browser's address field saying the site is ''not secure'', the warning does not in any way apply to our site. We don't collect any identifying information from you, sensitive, personal, or otherwise. We don't use shopping carts, forms, monetary transactions, or any such thing that websites usually need "privacy security" for. In fact, this website is more secure for your personal information than most others that claim to be ultra-secure or use ''https:'' rather than ''http:'' in their addresses, because we don't collect personal information!


Like many websites you visit, we use Google Analytics to track aggregated data such as how many visitors each web page received. "Aggregated" means numbers of visitors in total.

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If you ever wish to remove cookies from your computer so that after we count the number of people visiting our site, you will know that nothing remains on your computer, that wasn't already there. To find out how to do so, click here or use a search engine to find "how to delete specific cookies". We care about your privacy.